29 November 2011

Top 10 Signs I'm Turning 30...

I just spent five wonderful days with my family and friends in Texas. On Thanksgiving I left my grandmother’s house with a giant tray of homemade enchiladas and enormous bowl of my favorite soup, both made especially for me. Being a long distance granddaughter who is still 12 years old in the eyes of her grandma is a rare and awesome identity. I wear that badge with pride. Leaving home is always hard, despite the fact that I’ve been doing it since 2006. Five years of arriving and leaving, fluctuating between two separate worlds. As I said goodbye to my Mom at the airport, I looked at her with tears in my eyes and cried, “the next time you see me I’ll be 30!” She laughed and gave me a big hug before handing me off to TSA. 

I wasn’t crying because of my approaching arrival to the third floor. It just always happens when I leave my Mom. Must be an only daughter thing. My journey to 30 has been a blast and I’m not taking any time here to eulogize my 20’s. From what I hear, the view is much better on the third floor anyway. But, in the last few weeks I had some pretty great “you know you’re turning 30 when” moments and I just had to share my top 10.  Enjoy and commiserate with me if you dare. 

I know I'm turning 30 when...

  1. I buy three pairs of shoes at the Naturalizer store because ensuring my feet feel like they walk on pillows is now a top priority.
  2. My holiday pre-gaming consists of a glass of sparkling light wine and a caprese salad.
  3. I'm overly excited about coming up with creative nicknames for my friends' babies.
  4. At the dinner table I tell my younger cousins stories of what it was like to party in my hometown "back in the day" (meaning the year 2000).
  5. Conversations with friends suddenly include phrases like "sciatic nerve", "high ceilings" and "property value."
  6. The hardest choice to make before a night out is which blazer and turtleneck to pair together.
  7. At social gatherings, the topic of my sprouting gray hair is in the same discussion as brain cancer and flesh-eating bacteria.
  8. My new guru is my facialist.
  9. I go to Barnes & Noble and head straight for the self-help section.
  10. A "fun" weekend is measured by purchases of decorative pillows and antique tea cups.

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  1. You are a pile of adorable hilarity and I so love you. Thanks for making it to 30 and beyond! xo