23 November 2011

'Tis the Season to be Flake-ish...

 Getting a little adjustment by Certified Iyengar Teacher, Terence Ollivierra (Buddha B Yoga)

Yikes! It's been 2 whole months since my last post! I think I was derailed at some point between my first Iyengar workshop (see photo above), a double whammy of Ani Difranco (see photo below) and a trip to Philly to see Feist (see my brain's force field for that one). The good news is that I did write a new blog post. The even better news is that you have to go to RecoveringYogi to read it. Only good news here today, folks. My story has been published by my favorite yoga blog! Just in time for Thanksgiving. Hope you enjoy. 

Ani Difranco put down the guitar for a little spoken word at 6th & I Synagogue (Oct. 2011)


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  2. Sariane Leigh said...
    Gotta make sure you get the pose right! I love it. Doesn't Iyengar feel soooo good?


  3. YES! Iyengar workshop was amazing. Great to slow down and work on patience :)