03 August 2011

Allergies and Donuts

I know that I'm still a few weeks away from officially starting my wellness project but I wanted to kick-off August with a good start and I gotta say...it hasn't been going so well. Four days into the month and I've done enough bitching to start my own talk show. I woke up earlier this week without being able to feel my face because I was punched by the king of all allergy attacks. I sat around for a few days complaining about my allergies as I allowed small mountains of tissues to pile up around my apartment. I was so fed up with all the sneezing and nose-blowing, I decided to reward myself with a donut. Yes. A donut. A fried piece of flour, glazed with processed sugar and covered in sprinkles. And it was good. For about...5 minutes. My allergies didn't go away. But the sugar rush I received from the donut inspired me to dig deep into the back of my bathroom cabinet and bust out the NETI POT...or what my friend calls, the "teapot of torture." Despite knowing how effective it is, I've never been a huge fan of the neti. I'm definitely an advocate of nasal irrigation and love to push it on others but don't enjoy practicing it myself. I only neti cleanse about 3 or 4 times a year and every time I do, I'm like a kid going to the dentist: I really need it but I don't wanna. No matter how hard I try not to, I always end up coughing and choking on salty nostril water.  But, it totally worked. I've been allergy-free for over 24 hours now. I guess they don't call it a kriya for nuthin'. My lesson this week: BE INSPIRED, EAT MORE DONUTS!

Totally kidding...despite the donut, I've actually made some pretty significant dietary changes and have some really great recipes to share along my wellness journey. Check out the "Food" tab above for a few of them. More are on the way!

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