15 August 2010

Flow of Gratitude...

Buckingham, VA
July 2010

Lately my meditation practice has been highly focused on gratitude. When I arrive at the cushion I instantly feel an overwhelming sense of appreciation for the world around me. It’s amazingly refreshing to reach that precious and rare place so quickly especially since the first ten minutes of my practice are usually spent processing the meaningless remnants of the past 8 hours of that day, knowing fully well there is no place for the past in meditation. My teacher in DC had us practice this exercise of mentally noting the things we were grateful for by allowing their images to pass through our minds as we witnessed our reactions to them. Below are the results of that task...virtually unmodified and listed in order as they appeared in my head.

I'm grateful for….

My mother and father
Endless and endless work
The light of my spiritual practice
Teachers of yoga and dharma

The warmth of a bed and fuzzy socks
The ability to walk, touch and feel
The beauty and pain of love
The peace and emptiness of solitude

Paths to healing and helping others
Compassionate friends and lasting friendships
Honesty, truth and courage
Nourishing food and community

Forgiveness, acceptance and grace
Grounding of breath
Bhakti, shakti and liberation
Reclamation and survival

Mindfulness and patience
The wisdom of knowing better
Peace, harmony and equality
Activists and peacemakers

Laughter, laughter, laughter
Happy, wise wrinkles
Listening to the music play
Right now, this moment

Colors, aromas and texture
Lessons and unwelcome change
Rebirth and victory
Purusha and prakriti

This life
The spirit within me
My exciting journey
All of us in it together

…and Ani Difranco….

(that one just kinda snuck in the end)

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  1. Yeah!!! This is great! Made my day! You are such a special person. I am lucky to have you in my life.