19 June 2010

Relentless Love...

The New York Avenue Sculpture Project - National Museum of Women in the Arts
Washington, DC

I’ve been a very bad blogger. My long absence from Yogically Speaking is inexcusable. After having my mother kindly remind me a few weeks ago that I’ve slacked in updating my blog, I decided I better listen and not waste any more time being an inactive writer (at this time I’d like to give a shout out to Mom for being a devoted reader of her only child’s blog).

The real story behind my hiatus is…simply that I’ve been having an AWESOME time. So awesome that I can’t find the time to keep up with my blog. The month of May was a whirlwind of traveling, entertaining guests, and meeting some amazing people (see yours truly with Mr. No Reservations bottom center). We are halfway into 2010 and I’m not trying to brag, but I’m having a hell of a great journey. So far, I’ve met two of my favorite writers, attended a handful of amazing on-stage performances, came face-to-face with my TV hero, and was in the presence of His Holiness the Dalai Lama in New York City. Once again, I find myself in the same predicament I was in during my previous blog posting: too much inspiration…leaving me confused and over-stimulated about what to write about. I wish I could say my regular meditation and yoga practice provides me with some kind of focus or organization for writing material but I’m at a loss…All of my experiences have been equally incredible and noteworthy. There is so much to take away that my breakdown process is still in overdrive mode…slowly digesting the massive amounts of social and spiritual intake I’ve consumed. 

There is one thing I haven’t been able to stop thinking about for the past month that would be appropriate for discussion here. It was a statement made by Anthony Bourdain during his talk at the Warner Theater in DC. In fact, it was so profound that I remember exactly how he looked when he said it…with his elbows rested on his knees, wearing a crisp black blazer, torn jeans and cowboy boots…looking like the foodie rockstar that he is. An audience member asked Bourdain for any advice he could give on opening a new restaurant. Bourdain’s response (and I paraphrase) was something to the effect that he couldn’t give specific advice on what to do or not to do in opening a restaurant, rather one should aim to “find what they love, do it well, and do it relentlessly”.

Everyday since hearing this little gem of wisdom, I’ve asked myself…what is it that I love? Specifically, what is that I love to do…so much to the point that I can do it relentlessly? I certainly have an endless list of things I love: my family, friends, chocolate, music, animals, yoga, etc... But naturally, there is a difference between loving the existence of certain things versus loving the performance of a certain skill. Chefs love to cook and bring the gift of good food to others. The Dalai Lama loves to bring the message of peace to the world. Singers love to sing. Teachers love to teach. Laura loves to _________. I guess I’m still on the quest to fill in the blank. I suppose I have an aversion to the limitation of having only one thing to love and do relentlessly. I love to advocate for many people, and many causes. Some days I feel an overwhelming, deep sense of love for everything around me, that I’m not quite sure how to channel it. My spiritual practice gives me many options such as meditation, chanting, asana and kirtan as the means to express such love, but I can’t exactly bust out in lotus pose and start chanting “Hare Krishna” on the metro. Those moments are few and far between, but they come. I love the tree that I often sit under in Emancipation Park. I love the people who sing on my morning bus ride. Most recently, I’ve even come to love the little scorpion looking bugs that crawl on my ceiling on hot nights. For now, I love the pleasure of the moment and accept that the greatest gift I can give the universe and those around me is the joy of being fully present. 

Until next time…hopefully more regularly…nothing but love and peace to all. 

 With my TV Hero, Mr. No Reservations, a.k.a Anthony Bourdain

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