23 March 2010

As the World Blooms...

Pretty in Pink
Le Droit Park - Florida Avenue, Washington, DC
March 2010
"If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant; if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome." ~Anne Bradstreet

The last time I caught up with yogicallyspeaking I was reeling from my night with Eve Ensler at Busboys and Poets, and since then I’ve been inspired by many more individuals and movements that have conveniently manifested around me. Poets, authors, teachers, musicians, friends, earth, wind…just to name a few. The wave of positive influence has left me feeling so ecstatically overwhelmed I’m not quite sure where to begin here. I figure instead of succumbing to the pressure of choosing one particular inspiring experience to write about, I would focus on the significance of the whole and how it has contributed profound meaning and coherency to the present.

The flood of spiritual stimuli couldn’t have arrived at a better time because DC is beginning to bloom beautifully. After a fierce and wrathful winter, Mother Nature has decided to give Washingtonians a break and we are humbly grateful. As my roommates and I walked home in the wee hours after a recent night of food, drink and dance, we came to a standstill in our path when we saw our first cherry blossoms of the season radiating a bright pink glow on our street. Spring smacked us right in the face and we welcomed its unexpected and invigorating presence. We celebrated by wearing sleeveless tops and flats without socks. It was very exciting.

As the climate became kinder, the shift in the city was so palpable, I could almost reach out and touch it. Where I once saw an ocean of dark layers and bundles of wool and scarves, I now see faces, smiles and color. The moods of the locals are happier and I can easily perceive the light in the people around me. It was as if they resurrected from the darkness of winter and came alive right before my eyes. Never before had I witnessed anything like it having lived the majority of my life in the heat of the South.

This projection of fresh energy has had a drastic effect on me as my identity here is in a continuous state of absorption, evolution and exploration. Naturally, all I can do is superimpose my own gleaming vigor and stamina onto those of my environment. Not only could I feel my own heart opening, but I sensed the collective heart of the universe begin to bloom. As the spring breeze passed through my body on the commute to work one morning, I felt the breath of the universe exhale simultaneously with mine. When the sun hit my face at the bus stop I saw a globe of light that was not separate from me in form or substance. During each of these occurrences I tried to hang on to the bliss and beauty of the moment but my lack of enlightenment made them drift away in nanoseconds.

What I know for sure is that the period of hibernation is over. Dead skin has been shed. New life is blossoming all around me. Mindful intentions are being created. The opportunities are endless. There is only room for growth and progress from this point forward…let it bloom baby!

Peace, light and love to all.

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