08 February 2010

Oh Blizzard, how I love thee...

Light in the Snow
6 February 2010

Since moving to DC the snow has been especially healing for me. As a Texas girl, then a limited-edition Floridian, I never truly experienced snow. I had no idea what a real winter looked like and I yearned for my own little winter wonderland one day. After a few months in DC I have been blessed with not just a kind, delicate snowfall but a whopping super-sized blizzard. My first snow-related injury occurred recently while I rushed to cross the street and did a number on my ankle in a pig puddle of slushy ice. I've learned to plow through heaps of snow during my morning commute. I laugh at the female tourists who miserably strut around with wet feet after attempting to look fashionable in winter flats and heels. I have a newfound respect for snow shovelers after being forced to shovel an entire sidewalk full of mounds and mounds of snow (they didn't teach me this back in Texas)...and let me tell you...there is no other way to buff up those biceps than to engage in a 15 minute snow shoveling session...while I can barely move my arms and shoulders at the moment, I learned the true toil of inner-city winter labor.  Snow boots are a new addition to my wardrobe and I have to convince myself every morning that I don't look so bad in a puffy snow jacket.

I had no idea what I was in for. What visited our nation’s capital this weekend will be forever known as the snowpocalypse, snowmageddon, snoverload, snoverkill, snowmare, snowzilla...take your pick. I lived knee deep in snow. Six wonderful snowdays.  No work.  No government to run us. There is nothing to do but play…play and frolic in the pretty fluffy white stuff. Run through mountains of snow, feel the flurries on your face, make snow angels, go icicle watching, and stare at its glittery reflection at night…all of it just absolutely friggin’ awesome.

Snow days force you to find inner warmth, expose your thick-skin, snuggle close with your surrounding community, and connect with the core fire of your spirit. They stimulate you to contemplate, rest, nourish and be still. After my first mini-snow spa break, I am prepared to take on the long winter ahead and accept that Spring will come when its good and ready.

Peace, love and snow days to all.

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