24 January 2010

A Night of Thievery Corporation...

Thievery Corporation in action
9:30 Club, Washington, DC
23 January 2010

On Saturday night I had a last minute opportunity to see one of DC’s finest talents, Thievery Corporation. They were playing a mere three blocks from my house at the 9:30 Club, another great DC institution. There are really no words to describe the show…you have to see it for yourself in order to grasp the experience. The performance is a ride…a journey of lights, colors, stories, yoga, Buddhism, politics, prayer, and just a helluva good time. There were many moments throughout the show where I longed for my yoga mat because I had the urge to bust into asana flow. During the concert there was an artist painting Ganeshas on a large canvas above the stage. I fell in love with the entire experience. Thievery Corporation…don’t miss them if they are near you! I’ve shared a few photos from the night below.


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