23 May 2009

Lost in Transition...

“I got a dead bolt stroll, where I'm going is clear.
I won't wait for you to wonder…I'll just tell you why I'm here.”
Ani DiFranco, Willing to Fight.
Recent events have brought significant change in my life. I am no longer a law student. I have happily ended a long and abundant book. I am now ready to begin a new chapter and write my own story. Although, my status technically has not changed. I will always be a student, eager to learn, listen and absorb. Now I am empowered to do more. To advocate, manifest, console, heal, change, create, teach, protect and love. In my mind the future appears to be a white, clear canvas, ready for creativity, inspiration, color…and to end up a masterpiece. I am braced and willing to accept the hardships, lessons and discoveries that my future holds.

I worked hard, graduated, celebrated and now the after-party has begun. The location is this beautiful world I live in and everyone is invited. No RSVP needed. For anyone attending, please celebrate responsibly.

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  1. i like this one....our life is always a white canvas...always standing in nothing ready to create.