20 April 2009

Reduced, Reused and Rejuvenated….

Sunset in Islamorada, FL. (April 2009)

Ah…Spring…the perfect time for some detoxification. After having a bit of a stressful March, I decided I could use a little spring cleaning. When I found out that Sharath Rangaswamy was coming to teach ashtanga classes in Islamorada, I packed my loose fitting clothes and flip flops and headed for the Keys.

Taking class from him was amazing. I re-discovered my own personal strength, did away with some excess and unneeded emotional baggage, and let the sun shine on me. I learned to detach myself a little more from things and ideas which I had built up in my head and at their core didn’t really mean anything at all. I returned with a mind reduced in negative thoughts, a body recycled with positive energy and a heart rejuvenated with peace.

I am most definitely in need of rejuvenation at this time as I come to the end of my law school career and approach the much dreaded bar examination this summer. The mere mention of the bar exam, makes me sigh heavily and roll my eyes up toward my forehead. Just one more thing I have to overcome in order to live the life I chose. Oh well. I’ve learned that accepting the things I don’t like helps me tolerate them much more easily. I know the next few months will be challenging. I will probably shed an occasional tear and find some new gray hairs on my head but oddly enough, I am not afraid. Well…actually I might be a little scared, but its what my bar studies coach has described as the “good kind” of scared. I have committed to a great preparation strategy, which involves not only lots and lots and lots of studying, but also heavy doses of meditation, yoga, laughing, positive thinking and praying. I am fortunate and forever grateful to have an amazing support system surrounding me, my parents, my friends, my teachers, my fellow classmates and my own unshakeable and unbreakable spirit…

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