17 November 2008

Peace. Love. Asheville.

I had the pleasure of visiting Asheville, North Carolina this past weekend and now that I’ve had time to debrief and reflect, I feel like it’s the best kept secret of the South…mainly because I didn’t feel like I was in the South. I ate a vegan omelet made out of lentils, attended a wine tasting at a bookstore, saw an experimental performance artist eat an apple on stage and attended a gay rights protest. I’d never expect to experience any of that in the South. The city is quaint, beautiful and nestled in the mountains. There were guitar players on the street, drumming circles in the park and lots of yoga studios and museums around. I could definitely live there. Unfortunately, there was no time for yoga but I think we got the best of Asheville in the few days we were there. If I had to describe it in three words: earthy, organic and clean.

My favorite thing about Asheville was that I really felt like I experienced a true fall season...and I don't just mean that I got to get out my cool winter clothes and drink hot cocoa. I guess as summer starts to disappear, the leaves start to fall, warmth fades away and the sun plays hide-and-seek a bit more, I begin to realize how much beauty there is in the world. Gratitude and appreciation resonate with me on a much deeper level. To some extent, the cold weather embraces me by freezing away complications and new, crisp, cool air comes to invigorate my mind. Hmm, I guess I did practice a little yoga while I was there…

This will most likely be my last blog posting until after final exams, which will soon be rearing their ugly little heads soon. Taking a mini-escape from my life in Jacksonville was much needed. Computer glow, small font, indoor lighting and the sound of the office shredder were beginning to get to me…I feel lighter and recharged. I guess everyone can use a fresh set of batteries every now and then.

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