02 May 2008

Finding Solid Ground

This time of year for a law student is very stressful. Final exams are beginning to rear their ugly little heads and emotions of anxiety, fear and nervousness are all around. Distractions suddenly begin to pop up. I have the immediate urge to clean my closet, tidy up my drawers, make cupcakes, and do anything that will distract me from having to actually sit down and just study.

Yesterday, I practiced Ashtanga primary series for the first time in quite awhile. I had gotten a bit too comfortable in doing half of primary series and forgot how challenging it was for me to do the last half of the practice. I think I kicked the girl practicing next to me a few times. I felt wobbly in my chatarangas and in my attempt at Marichyasana C I started to think about what the requirements were for an arrest warrant (letting my Constitutional Criminal Procedure class get the best of me). I even managed to screw up the closing prayer by taking over for the teacher mid-chant (good times).

Once again, I found comfort for my ashtangic short-comings in the Bhagavad Gita (you can seriously open that book to any page and find instant answers…its magic). In Chapter 3, discussing the Yoga of Action, Krishna says to Arjuna: “It is better to do your own duty badly, than to perfectly do another’s; you are safe from harm when you do what you should be doing” (3.35).

I practiced Ashtanga full primary. I got in the car and drove to the studio. I might not have practiced perfectly or been fully present, but I was there and how I practiced was where I was in my practice (I know that makes sense to all you yogis out there). I know I have a long and challenging road ahead of me in my Ashtanga studies but I acknowledge it, live with it and move on.

I look forward to practicing a few Mysore classes at Yoga Life this month and continuing to do what I should be doing.

Now, back to Constitutional Criminal Procedure….

~ Namaste ~

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